Brass and Bronze: Staples in Investment Casting

Brass and bronze are similar materials with similarly beneficial characteristics. Both materials exhibit excellent machinability and corrosion resistance, are non-sparking, lack magnetism, and provide unique wear characteristics and aesthetics.

Brass and bronze are a common investment casting material, used in a variety of industries and applications. Some of these include metering, fluid power, hardware and locks, power generation, art, along with many others.

There are many different types of brasses and bronzes with different characteristics for each. Some of the more common are:

C86500 Manganese Bronze

Tensile Strength 65-75,000psi    Yield Strength 25-40,000psi    %Elongation 16-24

C95400 Aluminum Bronze

Tensile Strength 75-85,000psi    Yield Strength 30-40,000psi    %Elongation 10-20

C87600 Silicon Bronze

Tensile Strength 66,000psi    Yield Strength 32,000psi    %Elongation 21

C87500 Silicon Bronze

Tensile Strength 67,000psi    Yield Strength 32,000psi    %Elongation 20

Avalon casts many products in all of these alloys and more. Request a quote today on brass and bronze investment castings or contact us for more information.

The Versatility of Aluminum Castings

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