Metal Casting to Meet Your Needs

Avalon has always invested in our customers’ long-term needs. Rather than function as simple order-takers, we invest time in understanding the customer’s process and part.

We gather information on part volumes and requirements like surface finish, end market and necessary secondary processes. We stay engaged with the customer through production to find potential areas of cost and time savings.

Avalon Precision Metalsmiths was previously limited to our U.S-based investment casting capabilities. But now, thanks to our association with Sigma Electric, Avalon can support any casting needs our customers might have outside of the investment casting process.

Through Sigma’s worldwide manufacturing capabilities, we now can offer:

High-pressure die casting, which is well-suited for non-ferrous metals, specifically aluminum, zinc, copper, magnesium, lead, pewter and tin-based alloys. In high-pressure die casting, molten metal is forced under high pressure into a mold cavity created using two hardened tool steel halves that have been machined into shape. Depending on the type of metal cast, we can use a hot- or cold-chamber machine for die casting.

Gravity die casting, also known as permanent mold casting. The molds, usually made of cast iron, are heated to 392 degrees (F), before the molten metal is poured into the cast cavity. A proper thermal balance is maintained throughout the casting process through various means, including external cooling techniques using water or appropriate radiation techniques. Gravity die casting offers advantages like relatively low design, development and production costs.

Sand casting, which Sigma uses for copper, zinc, aluminum alloys and cast iron. To create the mold, prepared sand is compacted around a pattern to take the shape of the desired casting. After the molten metal is poured and the casting is solidified, the sand mold is vibrated until it is released from the casting. Sand casting is a low-cost production method suitable for a wide range of engineered components.

Sigma offers high-pressure die casting at five plants in India and one in Mexico, while sand casting at four plants in India. It performs gravity die casting at one of the Indian facilities that handles high-pressure die casting. All parts are warehoused and fulfilled out of Sigma’s Gardner, N.C., facility.

We’re also able to take advantage of Sigma’s extensive product development, product design and engineering capabilities, as well as their capacity for secondary operations like machining, coating and painting. We’re now able to offer the casting process that makes the most sense for any part.

Contact us today for your most demanding project.

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