What is a Full-Service Investment Casting Company?

At its core, a full-service investment casting company is a manufacturer that meets its customers’ needs with high-quality cast parts & is vertically integrated.

As a full-service investment casting company, Avalon provides Design for Manufacturing (DFM) services to improve the manufacturability of our customers’ parts. We look for opportunities to reduce weight, while adding features that lessen or diminish machining and other secondary operations.

Avalon also provides rapid prototype response to reduce your time to market for new products.

Casting designs are then simulated prior to prototyping or tooling, to help reduce the effect of internal shrinkage.

Avalon pours a wide range of alloys. We can also formulate specialized alloys, or make recommendations, based on our customer’s requirements.

With NADCAP certification in our Markesan facility, we provide in-house X-ray, mag particle and fluid penetrant testing services.

Avalon offers machining, polishing and grinding to help meet specific part requirements. Other finishing services include painting, plating, sub-assemblies, and packaging. Supply chain management solutions are also available.

Avalon will recommend the correct process to meet your requirements. As trusted partners with blended supply capabilities, we can ensure your success and growth.

As a full-service investment casting company, Avalon conducts robust contract reviews, to make sure that your expectations are understood, communicated and met.

We are committed to customer service over the life of a project. From part inception to obsolescence, we keep you informed about the status of your project along the way.

Avalon Precision Metalsmiths takes pride in their long-standing tradition of lean process, coupled with excellent customer service to execute our customers specific needs. The result is an unprecedented full-service investment casting company that involves much more than just casting parts.

Contact Avalon today for the services you need to make your cast part a reality.

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