Investment Casting 411

Most of our customers know something about investment casting when they contact us, but they still have a wide variety of questions for us to answer.

Check out the most common queries and our responses below.

Does Avalon have a minimum investment casting order?

In general, chances are that you’ll hit the minimum with whatever order you place, whether for prototypes or production.

What is your most economical order quantity?

That depends on the part, design, and approximately the number of parts cast per mold.

What’s an average investment casting order?

An average order is generally between 250 and 500 parts, although we process orders for as many as 50,000 pieces or more per year.

What alloys do you pour?

We pour the most requested alloys; 17-4PH, 304 and 316 stainless steel as well as aluminum. We also pour more than 200 other different materials, including specialized “exotic” alloys like Inconel and Nickel X. See our full list of alloys.

Can Avalon provide machining?

Absolutely. We complete most machining in-house. We also have an extensive list of approved outside machining resources, thus providing you with a complete part with little to no machining restrictions.

What is your standard tolerance?

Our as-cast dimensional tolerance is a linear tolerance of ±0.005 in/in (0.127 mm/in.), which is standard for investment castings. For example, if a 1-ft. component were cast, it likely would have a tolerance of ±0.06 in. (1.52 mm). This can vary slightly depending on the part’s size and complexity.

What wall thickness can Avalon cast?

We generally cast a minimum thickness of 0.060” to 0.080”. But we can cast as thin as 0.030”-0.040”, depending on the material and size of the area. A small area, such as one square inch, may be appropriate for the thinner wall.

Does Avalon provide assembly?
Yes. Besides machining, we also offer plating, coating and assembly. Whatever your needs, we strive to provide you with value-added services.

Does Avalon offer blended supply?

Yes. We can offer a combination of domestic and offshore investment casting to meet your specific needs.

What are your typical lead times?

Lead-times can fluctuate due to our diverse product lines from as cast all the way to Aerospace quality requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact a member of Avalon’s Sales team for the current lead-times or discuss our Rapid Protoype options.

Does Avalon build its own tooling?

Yes. We build our own tooling and utilize approved outside tooling resources as needed.

What is the average cost of a tool?

About 80%-90% of our tools cost less than $6,500.

Please see our investment casting FAQ for more questions and answers.

Have a particularly technical question? Make sure to contact us for the answer you need.


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