Lowering the Overall Cost of Ownership with Investment Casting

Precision investment casting is a refined manufacturing process that provides numerous advantages.

The process consists of several steps – creating an injected wax replica of the part, mounting the parts onto a sprue / tree and then forming a ceramic mold around the wax pattern. The wax is then melted out with steam and pressure and molten metal is poured into the heated ceramic shell.   The result is sacrificial tooling that allows for high part definition, both in ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The aluminum wax dies offer substantially longer life than a high pressure die cast die or a plastic mold. Investment casting is a process that holds tighter tolerances than sand casting or the permanent mold process, while allowing for internal passages / undercuts to be cast in place along with superior surface finishes.  Overall, a process that affords many opportunities to reduce the overall cost of ownership.

To state it simply, precision investment casting is a process that creates multiple features that are near-net shape, requiring far less machining than parts created by other casting and manufacturing methods.

Reducing the number of secondary operations automatically saves time and money.

Other examples that reduce cost include:

  • Eliminating multiple part weldments by converting to a one-piece investment casting.
  • Forming cast features that allow reduced hoop stresses for assemblies that are pressed together, eliminating the need for tight tolerance machining.
  • Adding features to improve fixturing for any specialized machining requirements.
  • Casting alternate material features as inserts within the investment casting.
  • Adding radiuses to reduce peak stresses, producing a part that’s more resistant to material fatigue.
  • Creating intricate internal mating surfaces, eliminating the need to machine those surfaces.
  • Adding clean crisp lettering & logos, eliminating the need for laser engraving and/or ink stamping.

These are just a few examples of the ways that precision investment casting can reduce the overall cost of ownership. The key factor in the success of every project is Avalon’s willingness to listen to our customers and to understand what’s most important to them.

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