Investment Casting Quotes with an Edge

Avalon takes a different approach to quoting investment casting projects than most other manufacturers. Every quoting process answers the question “what will it cost?”.  But we at Avalon take it a step farther by helping the customer answer the question “what will increase the part’s competitive advantage?”.

Our ultimate goal is to provide economical castings that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.   We look deep into our customer’s requirements including understanding their problems and or processing issues.

We look to understand:

  • The part’s total function and the environment in which the part is used.
  • What are the critical features, and what potential risks need to be avoided?
  • Are the datums properly constructed and the features dimensioned for minimum variability?
  • Is the part designed for improved manufacturability?
  • If this were a perfect world, what features would the customer like to add?

We also ask our customers if they are interested in value-added operations like, painting, machining, assembly or any other post-cast processing.  Basically, we look to offer a one-stop source for all of our customer’s casting requirements.

We strive to find cost saving ideas that reduce weight, and we look for a reduction in peak stresses and an improvement in metal flow by adding radiuses.

Improved Manufacturability

Another focus for us is to improve manufacturability, with suggested design changes that may also help to reduce scrap. We want to make the part as manufacturing-friendly as possible, both for Avalon and our customer.

A few simple changes to the part design can often lead to investment castings that are more robust, faster to market and more economical to manufacture.  In fact, the earlier Avalon is engaged in the design process, the more likely the parts can be provided on time and with less issues – the customer can be assured that the part was carefully considered from every conceivable aspect and in a timely fashion. This is where the “lowest total cost of ownership” truly comes from.

Avalon has the necessary resources and experience to quote any of our customers’ investment-casting needs.  Please contact us to receive a free and comprehensive quote for your next investment casting project.

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