Investment Castings for the Win

Investment castings provide a wide range of benefits compared to other castings, and the investment casting process is the key.

To create investment castings, wax is injected into an aluminum die to produce a pattern, and then the patterns are affixed to a wax runner bar to create an assembly called a tree. In the next step, the tree is dipped into a slurry to create a ceramic shell. The wax is melted out of the shell, which is then fired in a kiln. Metal is poured into the fired shell. In the last step, the ceramic shell is knocked off the casting.

By using a ceramic shell, we’re able to pour more than 200 different alloys, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, to create a broad range of investment castings for our customers.

Another advantage is that our aluminum tooling is less expensive than tool steel, and we’re able to run lower volumes of parts. Avalon can also cast parts weighing from a few ounces to 100 pounds, providing a wide array of options for customers.

 Investment castings maintain tighter tolerances – +/- .005” – and a better surface finish, up 125 roughness. Because of their near net shape, investment castings require less machining than sand-cast parts. Investment castings also can accommodate complex internal passages that are difficult to achieve with sand casting. And it’s easy to add internal radii to investment castings to reduce peak stresses, producing a part that’s more resistant to material fatigue. Internal radii are often too costly if not impossible to incorporate with sand casting.

A high degree of cast repeatability is another advantage, allowing lettering and logos to be cast directly on the part.

We can also re-design parts that require fabrication or multiple weldments and convert them into one-piece investment castings as well as cast features that aid in assembly down the line, decreasing the overall complexity of the part.

Best of all, these advantages contribute to a lower cost of ownership for investment castings compared to parts produced by other means.

Avalon has the expertise and experience to make your investment castings a reality. Contact us today to begin the process.

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