Ohio Facilities Achieve AS9100D Certification

We’re proud to announce that our Cleveland and North Royalton, OH, facilities have been certified to AS9100D, the international quality standard for the aerospace industry.

The Cleveland plant focuses on investment casting, while the North Royalton facility houses a tool and die shop and production machining operations.

They join our investment casting facility in Wisconsin in holding this certification, giving Avalon important redundant manufacturing capabilities for aerospace, aviation and defense projects.

The AS9100D certification of our two Ohio facilities is an important component of Avalon’s plans to expand its services for the aerospace, aviation and defense industries. We’re particularly well-suited to serve these sectors, thanks to our flexibility, adaptability and wide range of capabilities. We also have the equipment and processes needed to create the complex parts required by these markets.

Like ISO 9001 certification, on which it’s based, AS9100D certification is a rigorous process, detailing every facet of our quality system. The heart of that system is that every step of our manufacturing operations—from order receipt to product manufacture to inspection to outside processing to shipment—is documented. We identify the inputs to each step of the process, the processing parameters and the expected outputs.

These are all documented in Standard Operating Procedures and individual Work Instructions. Each of those is periodically audited internally to verify that employees are following the procedures and that those procedures produce good parts that conform to customer specifications. Then we are audited annually by an external independent accreditation body (in our case, TUV Rheinland).

Avalon has been certified to the ISO 9001 standard for more than 20 years, so we are very familiar with documented quality systems. The learning curve to AS9100 was implementing the additional requirements that AS9100 imposes. Employees had to be trained in various areas like product safety, counterfeit part prevention, foreign object debris (FOD) prevention, and special requirements and key characteristics of aerospace parts.

Most aerospace customers have document-retention and record-keeping requirements that had to be implemented. Many new and/or modified SOPs and Work Instructions had to be published and implemented and employees brought up to speed. It was a mountain of work, but we had a core team of people laser-focused on getting this done, along with outside consulting help.

In the end, we were able to implement the additional AS9100 quality requirements in about five months, and we passed our week-long certification audit with no findings.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the team here at Avalon and how everyone stepped up to make this happen in such a short time,” said Kevin Glazier, our vice president of engineering and quality.

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