Precision Casting for Precisely the Right Results

Precision casting is another term for investment casting, but in many ways, it means so much more.

In its most basic sense, precision casting creates precisely controlled parts with near-net shape, to within plus/minus 0.005” tolerances. This reduces or eliminates the need for machining, which helps control the customer’s final cost.

To achieve the greatest level of part integrity and avoid cavity shrinkage, simulations are used to verify each customer’s project. In addition, vacuum dipping and vacuum pouring is available for parts requiring greater cavity detail and thinner walls.  Vacuum dipping is a precision cast process Avalon developed to help eliminate any air bubbles which lead to the creation of excess metal.

Precision Casting Process

Our precision casting process begins with the initial customer conversation. Instead of simply casting a customer’s part as presented, we discuss features that would make their investment casting even more competitive in the market.  The result is a near-net shape part with outstanding dimensional accuracy and part finish that accomplishes more than the customer may have thought possible.

At Avalon, a precision casting means thinking outside of the box.  An example of this is seen in a recent case study. The customers part design was painted and then machined, after which a bushing was pressed into the investment casting.  We modified the part and added cast serrations that allow Avalon to eliminate the machining process. Using precision cast tolerances, the bushings can now be pressed directly into the painted part, keeping the hoop stresses to a minimum.

Avalon can precision cast parts ranging in size from a few ounces to a hundred pounds in more than 200+ alloys. Avalon Precision Metalsmiths can also create custom alloys to accommodate a customer’s investment casting needs.

Precision casting at Avalon doesn’t just mean producing an investment casting. It means an entire process of customer interaction, combined with challenging the boundaries of the casting process, to deliver the right part for every customer.

Avalon has over 75 years of precision casting experience. Contact us today to put that expertise to work for you.

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