Investment Casting Process


The investment casting process, also called lost wax casting, is based on one of the oldest known metal-forming techniques. It produces near-net shape parts using the following steps:

  • Wax is injected into a die to produce a pattern
  • Patterns are affixed to a wax runner bar to create an assembly called a “tree”
  • A robot dips the tree into a slurry to build up a ceramic shell
  • The wax is melted out of the shell using heat and pressure
  • The dewaxed ceramic shell is fired at 2000 degrees in a kiln
  • Metal is poured into the fired shell
  • The ceramic shell is knocked off the casting

Because near-net shape parts are created, investment casting saves time and money by reducing the need for secondary operations.

Our production capabilities cover a broad range of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including:

Part sizes typically range from one ounce to as much as one hundred pounds for a wide range of the toughest industrial applications, such as:

We have the capacity to handle both large and small-volume runs, as well as prototypes.

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