Permanent Mold Casting in China & India

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Permanent mold casting – also known as gravity die casting – provides good dimensional stability and is well suited for medium to large parts, particularly those with thicker wall sections.

Application examples include gears, pipe fittings, fuel injection housings and automotive engine components, generally made of aluminum or occasionally copper or brass. Permanent mold castings generally weigh between one pound and 50 pounds.

Suitable for volumes of 100 to 1,000 parts, gravity die casting has a tooling turn-around time similar to that of high-pressure die casting but doesn’t supply as beautiful of a finish.

Working closely with Sigma Electric Manufacturing Corporation's Indian facilities or our pre-approved suppliers in China and elsewhere in Asia, Avalon Precision Metalsmiths offers several forms of permanent mold casting, including:

  • tilt pour gravity die castings, which provides a very consistent, regulated flow of metal
  • hand ladled gravity die castings, which allow for large castings with good part integrity
  • low-pressure molding, which creates a higher integrity part

And, as with all of our production, whether domestic or off-shore, we offer complete turn-key services, including finishing, assembly and painting.

Contact Avalon today for more information about how our permanent mold castings suppliers in India, China and elsewhere in Asia can benefit your operation or request a quote.

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