Sand Casting in China

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Ideally suited for complex geometries, sand casting takes advantage of sand’s inherent compactability, refractory nature and recyclability to produce relatively inexpensive molds.

Sand casting requires a relatively low investment and allows for quick tooling development and part changes at a reasonable cost. As a result, it’s well suited for working through the evolution of designs and for lower volume production parts.

Avalon Precision Metalsmiths uses sand casting for parts made of aluminum and gray or ductile iron. Part weights can vary from a few ounces to several hundred pounds. Application examples run the gamut from small parts like gears, pulleys, connecting rods and propellers to large components such as pump components, manifolds, cylinder heads and transmission cases.

As with all of our offshore casting operations, we work closely with our pre-qualified foundries in China and other Asian countries to ensure our customers have the highest quality parts on time and on budget. We simplify the process of working with overseas foundries by providing full turn-key services, including assistance with design and material selection through machining, assembly and painting.

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